Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to Disable Websense web filtering with Gtunnel

Disabling or bypassing Websense web filtering is easy if you know the right software to use. There are many free proxy software available on internet through which you can bypass the websense web filtering. However Websense is very strong in blocking websites. It blocks websites in many different categories.

You can bypass websense web filtering using the below described software:-

G-Tunnel - G tunnel is a proxy software which lets you bypass the any content filter not just websense. It's available for free. Download it free from any download website. 

G-Tunnel has following features :-
  1. Chinese and English are two languages supported by G tunnel.
  2. You can access proxy network on chat messengers like Gtalk and skype for video calling.
  3. You need to set your browsers proxy setting to other than Internet explorer.
 Give Gtunnel a try whether it bypasses your networks websense web filtering.

How to Delete Websense?

Websense web filtering is a content filter which is mainly installed on networks. Because it is installed on networks you cannot delete the websense. It can only be deleted or uninstalled by the administrator.
However you can choose to bypass or unblock it's website blocking mechanism.

There are many software which can help you in bypassing the websense web filtering service..

For example:- you can try Ultrasurf which is also portable and you can take it in your pendrive to anywhere. Any version of ultrasurf will work fine. You can get it from

Once it connect to it's servers, you can browser the web as you like because it does not allow websense to block web pages anymore once connected.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Remove Programs on Windows Operating System?

Removing Programs on Windows Operating System is very easy. Every newbie to computer remains confused as how to uninstall the program. Windows is very easy to operate and provides option to everything which is user friendly. Even if you open windows help there is a step by step option to every thing that you want to know about computer. 

Here are three ways through which you can remove a Program. I already wrote the post where you can find all 3 steps step by step:-
  1. By Control Panel.
  2. By Going to All Programs.
  3. By Going to Program Files.
These three ways will help you remove the program. Some may ask for restart for their complete uninstall. Click on the 3 ways and remove your program.

If you have any problem , simply comment.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Uninstall Programs on Windows Operating System?

Students and people who are new to computers and windows get confused as how to uninstall the program. Removing the program is very easy. You just need to follow some step by step guide. There are few ways through which you can uninstall the program. 

Here are step by step guide to uninstall a program or software in windows which you installed:-

1. Go to Start
2. Click on Control Panel.
3. Click on Add and Remove Programs.
4. Find the Program which you want to Remove.
5. Click on Uninstall.
6. Now, Program will uninstall.

Few programs need a restart for their complete uninstall so if it asks for restart give it a restart. Look at the image below how it looks...

Uninstall a Program on Windows

Here are two other ways to uninstall a software or a program-

1. Go to Start.
2. Go to All Programs.
3. Find the Software you just Installed.
4. Click on arrow given just in front of it.
5. There is a chance that you will see an Uninstall option in it.
6. Click on it and it will remove it from your computer.

Here is another way to remove the program-

1. Open My computer.
2. Open C drive which is by default option for all softwares.
3. Open Program Files.
4. Find the Software folder which you want to uninstall.
5. You will see Uninstall option inside the software folder.
6. Click on Uninstall.exe and it will remove the program.

Hope you understand it easily. If there is any doubt, comment below.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Internet Block | Ways to Get Around Internet blocks

Internet blocks are the most common thing that we found in schools and universities. Even companies are blocking internet for social activities by the employees. Internet blocking is common now a days as people spend most of the time using Facebook, Myspace and twitter most of the time. People look for getting around these web filters. First option on the internet they get is use of proxy websites.

If your school web filter is very strong like Fortiguard or Websense then certainly you will get most of the proxy websites already blocked. But still there are other ways of getting around internet blocks to access your favorite websites.

Here I am going to list some software which are small in size. Few of them are portable means you can carry them in a Pendrive. Certainly I advise you to carry your laptop and use these softwares.

Here is the list:-
  1. Ultrasurf ( any Version) - You can get it from
  2. Your-Freedom - Your freedom is another good software 
  3. Puff the magic Dragon - One of the best software I ever used for bypassing internet blocks.
  4. HotSpot Shield - It's best. It's get around blocks using VPN connections.
These are only few which works well and free for download. There are many others but these are good and  best thing they are small in size.

So, download them fast and give your feedback here.